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For Sellers

We take every listing very seriously and we don’t want to just list your home, we want to sell it! Please feel free to call us for a consultation on what we think your home would sell for. We are happy to email you comps based on the current market.To get an accurate price for listing we would love to set up a time to view your home and then give you what we think would be a list price for your home. Below are some of the things we do, evaluated on a case by case basis, that are included in our fees when we list a home. For more details about our in-depth system call us for an in home consultation.


Professional Staging:

Yes it's necessary! Statistically staging brings the seller more money and homes tend to sell in less time when they are professionally staged! In our professional opinion vacant homes are a must for staging. If you think about when you go to a model home, they are never vacant and always staged and well decorated that is for a very specific reason, home buying is an emotional decision and you have to capitalize on that with excellent staging.

Home improvement consultation:

With our family being in the construction business we are able to provide our clients with an extensive home improvement consultation. We will only suggest improvements that will help get you top dollar in less time. We try to ensure that any suggestions we give you will have a good return on investment. We have great contacts for contractors should you need them to get estimates on what those improvements will cost should you choose to do them.

Professional Photography:

Yes, it's necessary! Most buyers now start their home search online so it is imperative to have good photos to catch their attention right away with your listing. If you are unable to engage the buyer immediately they will likely pass right over your listing and continue on to the next one. As part of the services we offer in order to make certain that your home gets the most exposure possible we provide our clients with professional photography. Our photographer uses Matterport equipment with HD photos and on most homes we also do a 3D walkthrough. If you're not familiar with that please click here to check out what it is like! You are able to navigate through a home online just as you would in person!


One of the most important aspects of listing your home. You don't want to list too high as that will put off most buyers to the point they won't even set a showing to look at your house. You, of course, also don't want to list too low as you want to get the most money possible. That is where our professional price consultation comes in. We have taken numerous appraisal classes and have over 20 years experience in this business. We thoroughly evaluate the sold comps for your property and what we think it will appraise for. That is the price you should list at.


We believe in this day and age social media advertising is a must. We advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Zillow, Trulia, just to name a few.

Open house on opening weekend:

Open houses have mixed reviews for a lot of people but we do believe it is part of our system that has made us so successful! We have a proven system and this is just one of the tools we use to give your home the most exposure we can. We advertise the open house on multiple websites to ensure good traffic and we have huge feather flag signs to help direct people to your house.